First episode…

> December 30th, 2008 ---

Well, here goes nothing... I decided to not use any background music for now, since the licensing is still either unclear or flat out too expensive for a hobby.

In this episode I took on a favorite subject, that probably each and every comedian out there has done already, so I didn't want to keep you waiting for my take on: Commercials! Enjoy!

Oh, and I've decided to call my audio bits A/Q - for "Atkelar Questions" - at least until I can come up with a better title.

Lets give this a try!

> December 30th, 2008 ---

Ever since I discovered the creative part of myself, I wanted to produce some comedy on my own. I mean, everybody enjoys a good laugh now and then, right? Let's see what I can do to provide you with a few jokes.

I do this as one of my numerous hobbies, so please don't expect me to crank out a new episode in regular intervals! I have to pay the bills somehow, and paid work will always be done first.

Since my pawpet videos on YouTube have gathered a small but noticeable amount of feedback that was generally positive, I've decided to try myself on audio only media and see what I can do here.

The first "show" is already in the making and it shouldn't be long before it'll be released, so stay tuned!